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About Adapa

Adapa is specialized in mechanical innovation and computer aided manufacturing with a focus to bring modern curved aesthetics into the production environment of the 21st century.

Fueled by a desire to accomplish the dream of modern design in an otherwise conservative industry Adapa has shown that it is not only feasible, but easy to go beyond the constraints of traditional production methods. The road to this ease, has been long and fraught with difficulties. Building a product that no other in the world has made, makes you rethink a lot of solutions.

We are basically both a research and development, and a production company. The development of our moulds takes a lot of CAD/CAE work. We have had to develop our own controllers for the linear actuators we use. Though one could say our moulds are build upon mostly known components, making them all work together is a complex task.

We all share high expectations for our products and this permeates the daily work at Adapa, where we share the dream at expanding limits and breaking new ground.

calibrating a mould

Meet the team

Christian Raun

Christian Raun Jepsen


Deni Maric

Deni Maric

CAE Engineer
( MBA, M.Sc. Mechanical engineering )

Claus Habermann Løkke

Claus Habermann Løkke



Luka Grbcic


Endika Delgardo

Endika Delgado

Hardware/Software Engineer


Mogens Pedersen

Production assistant
( Blacksmith)