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3D adaptive mould technology

The adaptive mould is a robotic technology that leverages lean manufacturing principles to produce curved panels.

It can be used to create uniquely shaped single-curved or double-curved panels. This is a far superior technology compared to traditional moulding techniques, and offer rapid production cycle times, reduced cost and manual labor and improves the working environment while waste is brought to a minimum.

The mould can be used to form non-repetitive panels, or it can be used to create moulding casts for semi-repetitive requirements.

Surface shape is created directly from the 3D design drawings from where the mould automatically takes the desired shape within minutes.

Two minute introduction to the adaptive mould technology

Adapa offer adaptive moulds for the manufacture of curved panels in different types of composites, thermoplastics and concrete


Robotic moulds for manufacture of curved surfaces


Latest News

Milestone achieved on Kuwait New Airport Terminal 2

Firm says it is proud to complete the roof structure milestone despite the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions enforced "the moulds for the blocks were designed by Adapa, a Danish company specialised in mechanical innovation and...

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Adapa adaptive moulds in Fabricate 2020

We are pleased that our adaptive moulds are mentioned in Fabricate 2020. We recommend reading the Fabricate 2020 book and wishes to highlight the important and fundamental progress achieved by Werner Sobek AG, by bringing in cutting edge technologies in a...

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Adapa enables saving weight in the marine industry

Gurit introduces in their April 2020 Marine Newsletter, that the marine industry can save weight when using their Corecell material for forming curved panels on an adaptive mould. The material and the thermoforming manufacture process has already been used...

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Adapa News: Ownership change and Chairman

Change in Adapa A/S ownership and new Chairman A group of 5 key-employees in Adapa have increased their shareholder position and now hold the majority of the shares in the company. The 5 partners: Claus Løkke, CEO Endika Delgado, Engineering Mogens Pedersen,...

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Natural principles

Sustainability is a natural core principle You may wonder why our adaptive moulds do not look like any other colourful machine. There is a reason behind, and it is a core principle in sustainability and reusability. The way we design solutions, manufacture machinery...

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News: Adapa joins The Danish Business Pavilion – EXPO2020

Adapa A/S is proud to announce a partnership with The Danish Business Pavilion, Expo 2020 The Danish Business Pavilion is to present Denmark in Dubai at the EXPO 2020. “It comes natural to us to become a partner to the Danish Business Pavilion in Dubai, as many of our...

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