Service and repair of damaged parts or components can be done with Adapa personnel as remote guide or on-site

You may choose to enjoy the endurance of our adaptive moulds and consider the saved cost of a service package, as a saved cost if everything goes well. This is also an option, as our adaptive moulds are built to last thousands of cycles.  Service and repair are to be expected low compared to the m² surface they manufacture, with proper maintenance.

Customers will be able to service most jobs, with Adapa personnel guiding the job trough online call or video support. Should a motor fail, it only takes 15 minutes to change it for an electrical skilled person with a screwdriver. This is a great way of securing high runtime on the adaptive mould.

Online Service Package:

  • Online support 07:00 to 17:00 (7AM to 5PM) CET
  • Distance problem solving on internet connected Control Units
  • Video training of customer personnel
  • Adapa personnel ready to service within 72 hrs. on-site
  • Free Adapa Tools Updates

Warranty Months

On-site Service Package:

  • Warranty +12 months (maximum 24 months from handover)
  • Online support 07:00 to 17:00 (7AM to 5PM) CET
  • Distance problem solving on internet connected Control Units
  • Adapa personnel ready to service within 48 hrs. on-site
  • Two preventive service visits on site
  • On-site training of customer personnel
  • Machine calibration
  • Spare parts included (*exceptions)
  • On-site store of recommended spare parts
  • Free Adapa Tools Updates

Warranty Months

*) Exceptions

Like all other suppliers of equipment, our warranty does not cover damages caused by improper handling/usage of the equipment. Just as spare part broken due to wear or failure to follow the equipment manual regarding the use of the equipment are invoice separately. Consumables like top silicone sheet and casting sides are not covered by the warranty.

Our adaptive moulds are delivered with 12 months warranty

All adaptive moulds are inspected, leveled and factory calibrated before shipment to our customers. Once arrived we offer to participate in the installation and do a final calibration, to secure the specified tolerances are achieved.

We recommend our customers use our installation service, as the calibration demands for a specific laser-tracking device. Adapa staff also have extensive experience in how to calibrate our adaptive moulds under different circumstances and they bear the responsibility for the result.

We offer a 12 months warranty from equipment handover. At handover, the Windows password for the Control Unit is handed to the customer as well. The warranty covers equipment, components and in case of repair the spare parts (*exceptions) and Adapa’s labor cost.

We also offer 3D CAD services

Adapa is uniquely qualified to manage 3D panel processing and quality assurance for paneling to be produced on the Adaptive Moulds

Find more information regarding 3D CAD services

3D CAD services

Maintenance is to be carried out according to our Technical Service and Maintenance guide, relevant to the specific adaptive mould type.

The membrane and rod system are the primary ongoing maintenance as they form the adaptive mould surface, and we recommend that our customers set up a Standard Maintenance Procedure, to secure they are kept in optimal conditions.

The control cabinet and the electrical system is to have regular inspections, to ensure that health and safety is in order. Damage on electrical wires are the most common malfunction we see.

The electrical stepper motors will prompt a “fault” message on the control display, should one of them need to be replaced or the power cable is dis-connected. No need for inspection, it is done automatically.

The actuator body do not need any maintenance or lubrication. We recommend that they are inspected after each 10.000 cycles to determine any irregularities.

The laser projector is to be kept clean from dust and alike. Most importantly the best way to maintain a long lifetime is to make sure the temperature is kept below 40oC.

The supporting table creates the rigid structure that are the foundation for small tolerances and is used for transport and re-location. The elephant feet are used for leveling and important not to damage.

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