The glass mould is the most specialised Adaptive Mould. Because of the nature of semi fluid glass a membrane is not used, the entire actuator system is also heavily insulated and ventilated. As the slumping process demands time and temperature for results.

The glass mould is a very specialised tool for slumping glass that delivers consistent and fast results with a custom shape.

Further information on the processes is available here and by contacting Adapa directly.

Hot bending of glass

Hot bending

In hot bending, the manufacturer uses molds, which allow the glass to adopt the desired form. The glass, as well as the mold, is then heated up to the 580–600 °C range.

Bending can be based on gravity. Alternatively, the glass bending can be assisted with a mechanical bending press forces the glass into a target shape. The shape is then slowly annealed to avoid any residual tension in the glass.

Bending technology allows producers to create a wider range of shapes, for instance, a tighter radius and non-cylindrical shapes. The hot bending process itself does not add mechanical strength to the glass nor the ability to tolerate temperature variations.

Lamination bending

Lamination bending is a process that somewhat combines cold and hot bending, as well as lamination. For bent laminated glass, the most common workflow is to first bend the glass sandwich – with the desired number of glass sheets in the interlayer – and then proceed with the autoclave process.

Thanks to the autoclave process, it’s possible to join two pieces of glass together with an interlayer. The required processing temperature inside the autoclave is around 120–140 °C; the pressure is about 12 bars.

Bending is carried out with a mechanical fixture before the autoclave process, and the original bending radius needs to be smaller than the target shape.

Since the glass is laminated, it fulfills safety glass requirements. One of the benefits of using this process includes the possibility of making very flexible shapes. Still this is very time-consuming, which makes it more expensive.

Lamination bending of glass