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Fabricate 2020 and adaptive moulds

We recommend reading the Fabricate 2020 book and wishes to highlight the important and fundamental progress achieved by Werner Sobek AG, by bringing in cutting edge technologies in a well-designed and well-planned production process. Please find excerpts...

Adapa Joins the Terminal Expansion Project of the Kuwait Airport

Adapa was awarded a contract in June 2017, to supply 85 Adaptive Moulds for the construction of the new passenger terminal at the Kuwait International Airport (KWI).

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Adaptive mould to be used for the new Kuwait International Airport

Delivery of the first mould for this gigantic undertaking will be shipped in December.

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Custom concrete facade elements for the North Souk

Developed by Solidere and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects as a multi use building providing both retail and residential area. The …

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