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Natural principles

Sustainability is a natural core principle You may wonder why our adaptive moulds do not look like any other colourful machine. There is a reason behind, and it is a core principle in sustainability and reusability. The way we design solutions, manufacture machinery...

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New Service: Rent a mould

Introducing rental moulds To support the introduction of curved designs, we now introduce rental adaptive moulds. This allows you to – reduce cost, meet special requests, increase capacity temporarily and meet your delivery deadlines. Machinery lease allow our...

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Dangerous EPS: How Polystyrene is Destroying Our Planet

Polystyrene is ubiquitous; it has been for a while now. You can find it in everything from the housing of hair dryers, televisions, coffee machines and food processors to disposable paper cups and food containers. You may also have heard the term ‘Styrofoam’ being...

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Evolution of Curved Architecture Through History

Curved forms are fluidic, and they are influenced by nature, which allow them to blend into the surrounding landscape. Some of the most striking designs from contemporary architecture includes free-form, because there exists a plethora of technologies today that can bring 3D drawings to life. But even before we had stuff like computer-aided design and CNC manufacturing, curved form could be found sporadically spread throughout architectural history.

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Realization of Freeform Designs Using Modern Day Tooling

There are several examples from vernacular architecture, where historically, curved shapes were used to achieve a functional need and offer aesthetic value at the same time. The designs of these structures were influenced by various factors such as local climate, culture and availability of raw materials (we will talk more about this in one of our future posts).

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Customer Spotlight Series: Curve Works

Curve Works is both, a client and a partner to Adapa. Our association with them has been an insightful and productive experience for both our organizations. We posed some questions to François Geuskens, the Director of Curve Works, and you can read about what he had to say, in this post.

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Inside Adapa: Please Meet Šimon

In Kuwait, our service engineers are doing a great job installing Adapa's Adaptive Moulds which are to be used for the new passenger terminal. We thought it would be interesting if you heard a first-hand account from one of our engineers about the work they do onsite....

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