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Adapa News: Ownership change and Chairman

Change in Adapa A/S ownership and new Chairman A group of 5 key-employees in Adapa have increased their shareholder position and now hold the majority of the shares in the company. The 5 partners: Claus Løkke, CEO Endika Delgado, Engineering Mogens Pedersen,...

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News: Adapa joins The Danish Business Pavilion – EXPO2020

Adapa A/S is proud to announce a partnership with The Danish Business Pavilion, Expo 2020 The Danish Business Pavilion is to present Denmark in Dubai at the EXPO 2020. “It comes natural to us to become a partner to the Danish Business Pavilion in Dubai, as many of our...

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A Danish Company is Evangelizing Free-form Architecture in the Middle East

The construction industry in the Middle East is booming, with multi-billion dollar investments being made by both public and private sector entities in the region. There is also a rising proclivity towards uniquely shaped buildings that are not only of great architectural value, but can also become tourist landmarks. The gulf countries are looking outwards for technological innovations, in order to meet this growing demand for bold architectural statements.

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