The Adaptive MouldTM is a reconfigurable mould that enables manufacturers to fabricate curved surfaces for architecture, marine, automotive and aerospace.

Adaptive MouldsTM are particularly useful for:


  • Fabrication of single-curved and double-curved surfaces
  • Fabrication of large panels (up to 10 m x 20 m)
  • Low-volume production
  • Obtaining low tolerances over large areas

Material-specific Solutions

Adaptive MouldsTM are suitable for fabricating curved surfaces in a range of different materials. We deliver material-specific solutions for:


  • Concrete
  • Thermoplastics
  • Composites
  • Glass


For small curvature radii

The D100 is made for the lowest curvature radii, and usually the lowest load per sq m.

Typically used for internal facades, boat hulls, and wind turbine blades.


For medium curvature radii

The D200 is the mid-level adaptive mould, used as an all-round solution with the ability to obtain high square meterage (>10 sq m) and relatively low curvatures of 1000 mm or less.

Typically used for exterior cladding panels and moulding the sides for large casting.


For large curvature radii

The D300 was developed to support heavier loads, and higher curvature radii. It can handle up to 16 cms thick layer of wet concrete.

Typically used for large building exteriors such as airports, museums and stadiums.

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