The Adaptive M400 Mould


The Adaptive M400 Mould

A computer controlled mould for the most curved applications

The M400 is made for the lowest curvature radii, and typically the lowest load per. sqm.

The adaptive plugin software operates through Rhino3d and lets the user check and select panels that are then sent to the mould and shaped in minutes.

This is its essential function, to be able to reshape and reuse over and over again. And do it within good tolerances.



The Adaptive Mould M400 is highly flexible and is able to shape close to any panel curvature. The standard version is only limited to 400 mm radius in any direction and a Gaussian curvature of 1/(800 mm)^2.



The shaping speed of the Adaptive Mould M400 is maximum motor travel of 300 mm/minute. Typical speed ranges from between 2-7 minutes for shaping. The operator is able to choose specific speeds at every panel shaping.



Standard dimensions for the Adaptive Mould M400 is 2,000 x 3,000 x 900 (w x l x h) mm. Other sizes available on request, with a maximum of 3,800mm in width due to the modular design of the Adaptive Mould.



The integrated stepper motors are for M400 situated with a spacing of 120 mm in x and y direction. The close spacing ensures accurate prediction of the highly flexible membrane.


AdapaTools is the application used for transfering panel shapes from CAD to the Adaptive Mould. It is incorporated into Rhino3D, an easy to use CAD program for curved shapes and geometries.

With AdapaTools it is easy to select the panels of interest and verify the geometry for the tolerances of production. Optional production requirements can be added when working from AdapaTools.

For example: The user is prompted to input which side of the panel should be facing the mould side, which lines the laser projection should include as visual guidance, the panel thickness, panel name, edge numbering, etc.


Technical M400



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Power Sprays

The Adaptive Mould is able to work well with the machinery from Power Sprays in GRC/GFRC production.

The spraying systems from Power Sprays can be used for spraying thin uniquely curved panels on top of the Adaptive Mould surface in using strong fiber reinforced concrete.

Please contact Power Sprays directly for more information.