We offer rental adaptive moulds, to initiate or expand our relationship with customers and partners

We acknowledge the needs of our present customers and understand that our future customers can be in positions, where Adapa needs to act swiftly to support them in securing the next project. We are also grateful for our other partners, where the mutual opportunity in new technologies and materials are the foundation for shared success.

Timing and availability are important factors that sometimes separate our customers and partners from success. To collaborate the best way we can, we offer rental adaptive moulds for you to benefit from:

  • Experience an adaptive mould to determine and specify the functionalities and specifications of a customized adaptive mould
  • Express access to an adaptive mould to do pre-project manufacture of demos and mock-ups
  • Extend short-term capabilities with an adaptive mould for a limited project period that demands for a series of uniquely curved surfaces
  • Exhibit an adaptive mould to demonstrate a new way for your materials to utilize the benefits in computer aided manufacturing

We offer different types and models of adaptive moulds on a rental basis, that will fulfill the most basic needs. All our rental adaptive moulds can be transported in closed trucks and moved using a 3-ton forklift. This allows for easy and low-cost delivery and pick-up.

In some cases, it is possible to agree a rent and buy option. In other cases, we may already have a future rental booking not allowing this option. During the rental period, our standard warranty according to General Terms and Conditions apply.

Booking is done according to “early bird” principles. We can only confirm the rental period based on signed rental agreements.