Technical Center

We welcome present and future customers to use the below resources in their study of the significant improvements our technology offers in their production of curved surfaces. We will do our best not only to praise our technology, but also to be technical precise in the description of lthe limitations. For any further information, please write to us at

IP Codes in accordance with IEC 60529

We recognize our customers need for endurable machinery Our customers use our adaptive moulds under the influence of different environments, and we do our outmost to design and construct technological solutions that is fit for purpose. The capability to endure...

Precision and the definition of tolerance

We understand the perspectives of our customers We supply our adaptive moulds to different industries and materials and assist our customers in optimizing their manufacturing processes. The precision of our adaptive technology is one of the benefits our...


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Mould Components


Mould Workflow



Fiberglass Panel Making

Vacuum Infusion on the Mould

Thermoforming on the Mould

The Kuwait Airport Project