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Adapa is specialized in mechanical innovation and computer aided manufacturing

with a focus to facilitate modern curved aesthetics by

enabling a cost effective and environmentally friendly production environment

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Adapa Timeline

July 15

Adapa A/S 10 year anniversary

Adapa A/S celebrates 10 year..Read More
May 20

1st Demo and test workshop Denmark

Adapa A/S open the demo..Read More
April 2

New CSO and Board Member

John Sohn leaves the Board..Read More
January 20

Adaptive Mould #100 delivered

The number 100 adaptive mould..Read More
November 11

Change in Adapa A/S ownership and new Chairman

The 5 partners Claus Løkke,..Read More
September 17

Adapa Middle East FZ-LLC formed

The subsiduary company Adapa FZ-LLC..Read More
August 28

Founder leaves Adapa A/S

The last founder Christian Raun..Read More
June 12

New HQ location

Adapa A/S moves to the..Read More
April 29

Adapa changes from ApS to A/S

The step upwards to an..Read More
December 28

Share takeover and Management buy-in

Key employees Endika Delgado, Jan..Read More
July 31


Claus Løkke is appointed new..Read More
July 7

Adapa ApS signs contract in Kuwait

Adapa ApS signs a contract..Read More
May 15

Management buy-in

Claus Løkke invests in Adapa..Read More
June 2

1st Adaptive Mould for Composites

Adapa ApS deliver the first..Read More
October 7


Claus Løkke appointed CFO in..Read More
September 10

1st Adaptive Mould for concrete

The first Adaptive Mould is..Read More
June 30

New investor

A regional investment fund “Den..Read More
January 1

Share takeover

Borean Innovation A/S takeover the..Read More
January 11

Second Adapa Patent

The second Patent covering the..Read More
March 15

New HQ location

Adapa moves to a new..Read More
November 30

Founder leaving company

Mathias Kræmmergaard Kristensen stepped out..Read More
June 1

Seed Investor

The national public investment fund..Read More
November 17

First Adapa Patent

The first Patent covering the..Read More
July 15

Adapa ApS founded

Adapa was founded by Mathias..Read More